Alleys of Seattle

Melbourne day 1

Posted in Melbourne by seattlealleys on October 7, 2010

After only half a day in Melbourne, I am overwhelmed at the myriads of laneways and their contents.  Instead of moving down a block laterally on the street elevations, you can weave constantly through and around them thanks to the hundreds of lanes.  It’s a medieval city on a 90 degree grid.  There are plenty of cool little things tucked in everywhere from ad-hoc galleries, to Chinese family restaurants, to adult stores, to posh clubs and bars.

Upon arrival, I sat my map on my bedside table, and decided to let intuition take me around.  I proceeded to get very lost and do about two loops.  The architecture, street life, and preservation efforts here are incredible.  It is less polished, yet more layered in many ways than Sydney.  It is almost Parisian.  I will continue the hunt today

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