Alleys of Seattle

Alley poetry

Posted in Pioneer Square by seattlealleys on July 27, 2010



Walking through Pioneer Square, some of the best alleys in the city reveal secrets between their walls for sanitation officials and less official eyes. Some interesting poetry has appeared in one of ny favorite alleys – the one behind the Pioneer Building between James and Cherry and 1st and 2nd. This simple act allows one to read on the walls and pause for a moment. Take a stroll through.


San Francisco alleys itinerary

Posted in San Francisco by seattlealleys on July 15, 2010

My first alley study will take place from August 4- 10 in the alleys of San Francisco. I will be focusing on the work done in the Chinatown neighbirhood through the Chinatown Alley Masterplan. I will also be studying the various public and commercial activities taking place in downtown alleys like Beldem Lane, Maiden Lane, and South Park.

During my stay, I will be meeting with Jasmine Kaw, author of the Chinatown Alley Masterplan, Norman Wong of the Chinatown community Association Center, David Winslow, another architect interested inĀ  alleys, and various community members working and spending time in the alleys.

Above is a map outlining alleys of interest that I will study. I would again like to thank AIA Seattle and Perkins+Will for their generous sponsorship of this first city analysis.

If you have recommendations on things to see here, please comment. Look for a lot more activity on here beginning in August as the travels begin.