Alleys of Seattle

Firehouse Alley Event 1

Posted in Pioneer Square by seattlealleys on September 30, 2010

A week from today, the first event to celebrate and gather awareness of the tentatively named Firehouse Alley will take place.  I have been meeting with community members lead by Tom Pantaleoni, owner of Distant Lands Importers in Pioneer Square for the last few months, and we have set up a great event that will tie in with a Nord Alley Party.  There will be a light show, a green wall demonstration, music, and local food from 5-9pm.

I will also be exhibiting my findings from the alleys of San Francisco, Chicago, and Detroit, as well as a set of recommendations for the alley that the community and I have come up with on some moving walls constructed of reclaimed pallets.  We have a temporary permit and a tentative small sparks grant for this.  With your input and attendance, the alley can begin to gather more momentum, and we can potentially begin a survey, and design ideas for its’ transformation!

I would like to thank ABC imaging for its’ kind donations for printing our display boards!

Bring a friend!


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